When it comes to cleaner tool selection,

When it comes to water cleaning tool selection, quality matters if you want a unit that will be durable. Look for the following to make sure that you’re getting a quality product:
• Valves should come in one piece rather than multiple parts. A one-piece valve is easier to replace and more economical.
• A ceramic or stainless steel plunger with ceramic coating ensures the long life of the part.
• Pump heads should be brass to avoid a reaction to water like aluminum heads would. Any moving parts within a pump should be stainless steel for durability reasons.
• Select a continuous duty motor with a service factor of at least 1.0.

If you are planning to use your power cleaner less than 100 hours per year, you probably can use a household electric cleaner.  Read more

If your need require use of the power cleaning equipment for more than 100 hours per year, you will need to go for a commercial or industrial power cleaner, usually starting at 2000 PSI and 3GPM and up, as they are designed to sustain intensive use.